About Us

Creativity is always about new, tiny, almost invisible initiatives. It needs to be shared to grow and find space in people’s hearts. Small towns and villages do not have the diversity of people or the financial market to support such creativity.

An India where potential from any region, any geography howsoever remote, howsoever mainstream is nurtured and allowed to thrive. An India that finds its definitions from itself, its own genius, simultaneously engaging with the best in the world.

Over time an extensive network of weavers have been developed at various textile centers spread across India. To attain a critical competitive “Design & Product Development Department” was conceived. The department is manned by the best of breed professionals from digital design to fine art to textile & fashion designing with expertise in natural yarns & weaves. Noorjahan Handweaves carries “craftmark” certification for genuine hand crafted product made in India.

Noorjahan Handweaves is a space that celebrates collective creativity. An idea that believes each one of us has that spark to color life and world in our own strokes. It is the story of reclaiming the diversity , of having a million narratives. Of understanding that there should never be a monopoly or a oligopoly of voice/s…Of finding a balance of financial sustainability with aesthetic and an ethical basis. It could be fair-trade, it could be a passion for beauty, it could be sheer drive of innovation and entrepreneurship, it could be an interest in organic/ecological issues, it could be cultural/political radicalism.


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